If you are trying to manage your clothes in a closet that only has one rail, I expect you are struggling. But if you can’t afford a new closet, why not consider some Rubbermaid wire shelving.

This will allow you to optimize the vertical space within the closet, giving you at least double the area for storage.

The easiest and cheapest way to buy Rubbermaid wire shelving is as part of their Configurations custom closet range kits. Yes, I know you may not want the whole hanging clothes rail ensemble, but believe me, it is the best way.

Rubbermaid Wire Shelving

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If you don’t believe me, you CAN buy Rubbermaid shelving kits containing either two flat shelves or two angled shoe shelves (about 4 feet of shelving) separately. Just make sure you buy two vertical tracks to mount them on at the same time. All in all this will set you back about $50. For more information on the stand alone kits, please see Part 4 of this series of articles.

Alternatively starting at around $60 for the Configurations Starter Kit, you get 8 feet of wire shelving stacking space which is much better value as you can see. And you could always use the hanging space for some hanging closet organizers if nothing else!

Check out our Rubbermaid Wire Shelving series to learn everything you need to know about how this affordable system can help with your closet storage.


What Rubbermaid wire shelving is available?

Rubbermaid Configurations

There are five custom closet kits available in the Rubbermaid Configurations range. All are available in two color finishes (titanium and white) which are maintenance free and will not snag your clothes.

The first thing you need to work out is the width of your closet and then select either a 3-6′ kit or a 4-8′ kit. There are then Starter, Classic or Deluxe systems to choose from – the difference being in the width of the hanging rods and the number of shelves that are included.

Rubbermaid Wire Shelves

The hanging rods are expandable and both the shelves and the rods can be located wherever you choose. They are then easy to relocate later if need be. Everything that you need for complete installation is included in the box.

Please check out the video below to see Rubbermaid closet shelving in action. (NB: Homefree is the same as Configurations but is the exclusive name used by Lowes stores).



Why should I choose wire storage?

Because it ensures your clothes are better ventilated. The air can circulate easily preventing a build up of dust or mold.

Why should I choose Rubbermaid?

Rubbermaid is a well respected brand name. Its wire shelving is eco-friendly being made from 100% recycled steel and being 100% recyclable. The epoxy coatings used on the wirework are hard, durable and smooth. They will not discolor, peel, rust or chip and allow for easy gliding of clothes or hangers. This coating is indoor air quality certified so you can be assured that it is promoting clean air. And if that’s not enough, the product comes with a lifetime warranty.

Which Configurations kit offers the best value for money on wire shelving?


While the Deluxe kits should offer the best value for money based on the manufacturer’s recommended retail prices, with the discounts available at Amazon.com, the Classic kits tend to work out the most cost effective in terms of $ per foot of stacking space.


Rubbermaid wire shelving installation

Just measure the width of your closet, choose the appropriate Configurations kit and follow the easy 4-step installation:

  • Mount the horizontal extendable hang rails onto the wall anchoring them into wall studs.
  • Hang the upright tracks onto the hang rails.
  • Clip the shelf brackets into the upright tracks at your desired heights.
  • Lay the wire shelving on top and lock into place.

That’s it. Both the hang rails and the Rubbermaid storage shelves are designed in a way that means they can be overlapped during installation. That means there is no need to cut anything to size.

For the installation instructions PDF please click HERE.

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Make your closet space work for you

Treat yourself to a few Rubbermaid shelving units and really pimp out that walk-in closet! Beware though, you won’t be able to stop until you have this system in every closet in your home.

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