As well as the custom closet sets, you can also buy stand alone Rubbermaid wire shelving kits. These are actually add-ons to the main sets but if you buy the vertical tracks and the kits, you can mount them on their own.




There are two kits to choose from: standard Rubbermaid storage shelves and angled shoe shelves.


Add-On Rubbermaid Wire Shelving Kit

Rubbermaid Wire Shelving

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This kit contains two 26″ shelves along with 4 brackets, ideal for your closet, store room, laundry or garage. If you have spare space in your existing Configurations closet layout you do not need any other mounting hardware, but if you are buying these as stand alone shelves or are extending your current layout, you will need to buy extra vertical track.

The shelves can be arranged as 2 foot shelves one above the other or as one long 4 foot shelf. They are easy to install, durable, stylish and maintenance free.


Shoe Shelves Kit

Rubbermaid Shoe Shelves

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This shoe shelves kit contains two 26″ shelves along with 4 brackets. The shelves are angled so you have easy access to up to 8 pairs of shoes. They can be mounted as a single tier 4 foot shelf or in tiers as two 2 foot shelves.

These shoe shelves are a great addition to the basic closet kit. Buy a few sets for a complete shoe storage solution – mount them all floor to ceiling in your master closet. Or how about using them as top shelves in your closet – the tilt will give you easier access to your items stored up high?

The Rubbermaid quality is excellent and the construction is sturdy. The only slight problem with them is if you are hoping to store high, thin heels, they have a tendency to slip through the wires.

Note: For use not as part of a Rubbermaid Storage Configurations closet, you will need to buy the vertical track to mount on your wall.


We hope you are now keen to get started on organizing your closet having read our other articles from this Rubbermaid Wire Shelving series.

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