5 ways this shed can help you

Way 1: Storage problems?

If you have run out of outdoor storage space, perhaps filled up your deck box, or do not have any at all, the Rubbermaid Large Vertical Storage Shed can help. With 52 cubic feet available, it has room for patio furniture, a small lawn mower, and other garden tools. Being so tall, long handled tools are easy to store inside.

Declutter your garage by moving yard gear into the yard where it belongs.

If you have limited storage space indoors, you could use this shed to store sports equipment, seasonal items and old boxes for electrical appliances, as it will keep everything safe and dry.

Rubbermaid Large Vertical Storage Shed
Rubbermaid Vertical Storage Shed

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Way 2: Not allowed a normal shed?

If wooden sheds are not allowed by your Neighborhood Associations rules, this Rubbermaid vertical shed makes the perfect alternative.

Way 3: Thinking of moving house soon?

This shed is easy to take apart and assemble elsewhere if you move home, so it is not an investment you will have to leave behind.

Way 4: Have a small garden?

If your garden is small, you will not want to use too much of it housing a shed. This vertical option is perfect as it’s footprint is quite small, but it can still store many things in its 6′ frame.

Way 5: Want a hassle free storage solution?

Made from a rugged resin, the shed is maintenance free – no need to treat it, no need to paint it. It is durable and will not rot or rust.


Product Features

  • 52 cubic feet of storage space – plenty for garden tools and other outdoor items
  • 77″ x 56″ x 32″ (H x W x D)
  • weighs 93 pounds
  • easy assembly of the 8 rugged interlocking panels
  • leak, dent and weather resistant sides and floor
  • maintenance free
  • 2 doors that can be locked with a padlock (not included)
  • grooves for 3 wooden shelves (not included)
  • floor grid to keep long handled garden tools in place


Great things about this Rubbermaid Large Vertical Storage Shed

It is quick and easy to snap together – there are no nuts or bolts needed. Consumers report needing 10-30 minutes to put it together. Compare this to a wooden shed which would take far longer. The parts are lightweight to work with and all well labelled with what they are, where they go and which way up they should be assembled. The instructions are clear and the whole shed can be put together by just one person, although it is easier with two.

It is a Rubbermaid storage container so is very durable and will last for years. You do need to make sure that all the pieces lock together securely though to ensure the integrity of the finished shed.

It takes up minimal floor space so fits well into a small backyard, which it will help make look neat and tidy.

It looks great, is waterproof and is not so big that it overpowers your backyard.

The double doors give easy access to the stored contents, but please note this is not a walk in shed. There is a floor grid to help keep tall tools upright.

It is large so there is plenty of storage space – think garden tools, pool equipment, things that you don’t have room for in the house.

There are slots for wooden shelves to be installed. These are not included but dimensions are given on the instructions so you can easily get them cut to size in your local DIY home store. The slots are sturdy so heavy items can be stored on shelves. You could also sink hooks into the shelves to create some hanging space for tools like saws.


Improvements that would be nice

The lack of accompanying shelves is a pain. You cannot even buy them separately, so if you want any, you will need to have them cut to size in a DIY store. They will then look slightly odd being made of wood, when the shed is made of vinyl, but functionally they will be great.

The shed doesn’t come with a lock, but you can use a standard padlock on the hasp. It is probably not secure enough to store anything too valuable though, as any determined thief will not have much problem with the plastic doors.


Pointers when assembling

Ensure you site the shed on a level and sturdy base. This could be a concrete slab or paving stones (6 x 16″ square pavers would be ideal). Grass or dirt areas should be avoided. This stops the shed from moving and loosening any of the locking mechanisms that keep the shed secure.

Choose a shady, sheltered area if possible to avoid the long term effects of direct sunlight and strong winds.

As it is a tall shed, it is also a good idea to secure it to the ground or a vertical wall using the pre-drilled holes to guard against wind.

Assemble the shed where it will be located to avoid twisting joints if moved.

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Rubbermaid Large Vertical Shed Building Instructions

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Other large vertical sheds

The main competitor to this large Rubbermaid Vertical Storage Shed is the Suncast Vertical Tool Shed. It is ever so slightly larger at 60 cubic feet and is equally well thought of.

Suncast Vertical Tool Shed

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