Rubbermaid closet shelving promises to be fully customizable, easy to install, adjustable and have a number of accessories to help you store such things as pants and shoes. All of this should make the best use of the space in your closet but does it really?

Rubbermaid Wire Shelving

Photo credit: Rubbermaid Products.

We’ve checked out what consumers have said about Rubbermaid wire shelving – good and bad.

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The Pros

Fully customizable

You can completely customize your closet to maximize every square inch of space.

The clothing rods can be configured to allow for long hanging items such as dresses or can be doubled up to store shirts up top and skirts down below.

Easy to install

It is easy and quick to install. You basically fix the vertical tracks to your wall, then hang the rails and shelves on the track.


It fits closets of varying sizes from 3′ to 8′ and both walk in and reach in closets.

Reconfiguration is quick and easy and there are countless ways to arrange the system. It can change along with you, as you need more or different types of storage or your kids get older and bigger so their clothing styles change.

Range of accessories

There are various accessories that coordinate with the system to extend the opportunities for your closet. Add extra organizational features such as wire baskets and slack racks at your leisure.

Makes the best use of space

This system makes the maximum use of available space by positioning hanging rods on the undersides of shelves, effectively doubling that area of your closet.

There is plenty of stacking space on shelves for sweaters, jeans and other folded items.

So it appears that the Rubbermaid storage claims are upheld by their customers. But we’ve also found some more advantages to Rubbermaid wire closet shelving.

Can cope with heavy loads

By mounting upright support tracks onto your wall studs, Rubbermaid wire shelving will support heavy loads.


Hangers can glide along the whole rail

The hanging rails are part of Rubbermaid’s FreeSlide technology, meaning that hangers can glide from one end of the rail to the other without getting caught by mounting brackets.

Attractive finish

It makes your living space more comfortable and attractive. The satin epoxy finish is clean and shiny and much more attractive than white plastic and will protect your clothes for years. It is also maintenance free.

Use anywhere in your home

It can be used in other places besides a closet – think laundry, utility room or pantry.


The Cons

It was hard to come up with any cons to this system, as evidenced by the 4.7 stars out of 5 over 300 customers have given the system on Amazon. The few complaints have been due to the shelving arriving damaged rather than to do with the system itself.


Other wire shelving options

ClosetMaid is Rubbermaid’s main rival for affordable wire shelving closet organizers. Other than the Economy kit, the price per foot of stackable space is more expensive than Rubbermaid’s and the customization options are not thought to be as good.


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