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“A place for everything and everything in its place.”

When thinking about how to organize your home, the 17th century proverb above is a good place to start.

But what are the benefits?

Clutter can make you crazy and depressed. It can make you ashamed when unexpected guests arrive.

By learning how to declutter your home, your time spent there will be more relaxed and your day will be more efficient. You will have less stress as your organized home will run smoothly and you can show it off with pride to visitors.

So how do you achieve this dream?

With our “Simple Steps That Work”.

Our articles teach you how to get organized by breaking down the task of organizing your home into manageable chunks such as kitchen, closet, garage organization and much more.

Within each area, we will then offer step by step methods and ideas for tackling your clutter as well as organization products to make things easier.

The key steps are:

Step 1 – Get started

Just having teeny successes from taking baby steps will motivate you to keep going. You can then work your way around your home, room by room, until you are finished.

Step 2 – Clear that cutter

Using the tried and trusted 3 bin approach (Keep, Donate, Trash) and the 1 year rule (if you haven’t used it in a year, you’re not gonna!) are great guidelines to work to.

But it is no good just storing your clutter in pretty storage boxes, you must conquer the ‘get rid of it’ phase too.

Step 3 – Use organization and storage products where appropriate

Remember you cannot just throw money at the problem and hope to end up with an organized home. It will also take time and effort to get your home organized.

If you cannot afford such products, consider re-using existing items you own or looking for second hand items at yard sales and the like. Alternatively for your next birthday, ask for gift certificates to your favorite organization stores.

Check out the ideas above to start organizing your home now.

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