Are any or all of these common roadblocks stopping you from getting organized?

How To Get Organized - Roadblocks

I don’t know where to start
I don’t know how
I’ve got no time
I’ll never get it all done
I’ve got no money
It’s so boring

If so, please see below for how to remove them.




1: I don’t know where to start

If you’re wondering how to start organizing your home, walk from room to room, writing down the problem areas in a note book. Likely culprits are your closets, the garage, your kids room and the kitchen junk drawer. Just writing down each area, breaks the task into more manageable chunks. Pick one that is fairly easy to start with or one that will give you the most satisfaction. Achieving something, however small, will motivate you to carry on.

2: I’ll never get it all done

Getting organized is a lifestyle change. You’re not supposed to get it all done overnight so lose your ‘all or nothing’ mentality straight away. It may take many weeks or probably months of scheduling in some organizing time to get there, but break it down and celebrate your achievements along the way to keep you going.

3: I’ve got no time

In fact you don’t have time not to be organized. Just think of how much time you waste looking for things and how much money you waste buying duplicate things. Remember organizing today will save you time tomorrow so start small but get started.

4: I don’t know how

There are no hard and fast rules for how to organize but there are some tried and tested techniques such as using the 3 bin approach (Keep, Donate, Trash) for decluttering that you will see referred to often as you research the topic.

At Get Set Organize, we will offer you advice, tips, ideas and simple step by step methods for how to get organized but as your home is unique, you will need to mix and match them as you see fit.

5: I’ve got no money

The first step to organizing is to declutter and this costs you nothing. The chances are that by the time you’ve decluttered, you will have enough storage space for your items and will not need to buy any organization or storage products. If you do, you can always look for second hand options or ask for them as presents.

6: It’s so boring

Make it fun. Ideas include putting on your favorite music, making it a family activity, and organizing while talking on the telephone to your girlfriend. Alternatively promise yourself a treat when it’s done.

Now you’re ready to get organized and stay organized

Green Traffic Light

I’d love to hear about your roadblocks to getting organized and how you overcame them or if you still need help. Please leave me a comment.

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