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“50% of homeowners rate the garage as
the most disorganized place in the house.”

~ NAPO media stats

If this is you and your car is parked on the drive, you probably want to bring some order to the chaos and make your garage part of your home at last.

Garage organization systems are the answer

Garage organization systems make the most of the available space, turning a large yet cluttered and inefficient space into something highly functional and organized.

They take account of the fact that you have more wall space than floor space so are made up of some or all of the following components:

  • cabinets and shelves
  • wall systems and accessories
  • ceiling storage.

Popular brands include Gladiator Garageworks and Rubbermaid FastTrack. These are both functional and quality systems to help with your garage storage needs. They are easy to use in that you fix a rail or panels to the wall, position the accessories and store your things.

How to organize a garage: a quick overview

Before you decide on a garage organization system, you will need to assess your needs.

Step 1
Pick a day when the weather forecast is good and you have time to spend organizing.

Step 2
Remove everything from your garage and sort it into the standard 3 decluttering piles of ‘Keep’, ‘Donate’ and ‘Trash’.

Step 3
Measure how much space you have available taking full account of where your vehicle will be parked and the clearances it will need at the front and sides.

Step 4
Go through your ‘Keep’ pile and determine what garage storage solutions would be most appropriate. Think about the overall look you will be happy with, what you are trying to store, where it will go and whether there are any family issues you need to consider, such as keeping chemicals away from kids or giving them easy access to sports equipment.

Step 5
Consider creating zones within your garage for typical activities such as workshop, hobbies, gardening and recycling.

Step 6
Select and install your garage storage systems and organize your things.

If you want to learn more about ‘how to get organized‘ and specific garage storage ideas, tips and step by step guides, please check out out the articles above.

Photo credit: Rubbermaid Products.