promise that their garage organization system is easy, versatile and expandable. They also promise that installation is as easy as 1.. 2.. 3.. But is it really?

We’ve checked out what their customers have said about the Rubbermaid FastTrack garage system – good and bad.

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The Pros


Rubbermaid Garage OrganizerFastTrack is easy in two ways – easy to install and easy to use.

If you want to clear up your garage clutter in a hurry, then FastTrack is for you. You can install it in ‘minutes’, snap on the hooks and have your garage quickly reorganized.

It is also simple to use. So take control and stop your garage being a dumping ground for all and sundry. Use up that empty vertical wall space to free up your garage floor.

Photo credit: Rubbermaid Products.


With the wide range of accessories available, you can completely customize your garage storage.

Buy the hooks, shelves or racks that will be useful for your items, whether they are sports equipment, camping gear, paint tins, holiday decorations, garden tools, etc. Combine individual hooks for larger items and baskets or shelves for smaller items for the ultimate combination.

The great thing about this system is that there is no need to overly plan where each item will go in advance. It is so easy to snap the hooks off the rail and snap them on again elsewhere, you can quickly re-organize how your items are arranged if you don’t like them a certain way or your needs change.

There is no need to worry about having loads of holes in your drywall when you move things around as you are not moving the rail, just relocating where the accessories hang on the rail.

Although specifically designed for use with drywall, customers have also used FastTrack in outdoor sheds and even work vans to store tools.

“I could try something in one position and if it didn’t work for me, space-wise, I just had to take off the tool, toy or piece of equipment and move the hook to a different position.” – Customer review,


Being a modular system that can be added to at any time, Rubbermaid FastTrack is fully expandable. Whether you need a few more hooks than you originally thought when you initially installed it or your needs change in the future, you can easily buy another accessory and/or rail to meet your new requirements.

So it appears that the claims made by Rubbermaid storage are upheld by their customers. But we’ve also found some more advantages to these garage organization systems.


As you can buy as few or as many of the accessories as you like, you can configure a system to meet your budget. Being expandable you can add more accessories as you go along, meaning you can budget for each addition.

An organized garage will also help you sell your house and may even increase the sales price should you ever move home. But the best part is you can just unscrew the system when you leave and take it with you.

“A quick way to improve your garage’s appeal for potential buyers.” - Customer review,


The look of the end result has been well thought out by Rubbermaid. Covers for the FastTrack rail make for a clean and finished look that looks great on the wall. Overall it is very sleek and attractive.


This Rubbermaid garage organizer system allows you to take back your garage. Kids will put stuff away on the right hook rather than dumping bikes and balls on the garage floor. And the plastic coating on the hooks means that the finish on bikes etc won’t be damaged.

Things won’t fall down on you as you try to retrieve something from the back of a pile of items in the corner of the garage. By clearing your garage floor onto the hooks, racks or shelves or by tucking larger items under the rails, you will make brushing the floor clean quick and easy.

“The Fast Track Rails I ordered were just the right space saver for my garage tools. I now have everything in sight and available with room to spare.” - Customer review,


The rails can hold up to 2000 lbs of heavy equipment offering you reliable support for many tools and sporting equipment.

Improvements that would be nice

The only real downsides we came across when researching what FastTrack users really think to the system are:

  • that sometimes the hooks come off the track quite easily when you lift your tool off;
  • as each piece for this system is sold separately, there are no savings to be made by buying bundles of accessories.

Other garage organization systems

The Gladiator GarageWorks system is a similar, well thought of contender rivaling the Rubbermaid option but FastTrack has the added advantage of being cheaper.

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The Rubbermaid FastTrack garage system is wonderful for keeping a garage, neat, tidy and clean. Can you do without one?

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