What exactly is the Fast Track Rubbermaid system?

The Fast Track system by Rubbermaid is a garage organization system. Essentially it is just a wall-mounted rail that you snap a bunch of hooks onto, that then hold your tools and equipment off of the garage floor. It is specifically designed for drywall installation.

The rails and accessories are all purchased separately making the system completely customizable. At the very least you will need to buy one or more rails and a few hooks, shelves or racks from the wide range of accessories to get your garage organization started.

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Why do I need it?

If you want to get your garage back for its intended use (to hold your vehicle nonetheless!) but you still want to be able to store items in your garage efficiently, then the affordable FastTrack system is for you.

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Is it any good?

Yes, it is easy to install and use, it is versatile so you can rearrange your accessories whenever you like and is expandable so can be added to at any time.

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What can’t I find an “All In One” kit?

When you shop for the Fast Track Rubbermaid system, you will probably be expecting to find the whole kit in a big box. You can find a 5 Piece All In One Set but mostly you will just see the individual pieces of the system for sale.

This is actually a good thing as the items you have cluttering up your garage floor are more than likely personal to you. As such being able to buy each hook, rack or shelf separately, after sorting through what you have to store, will make the end result exactly what you need.

You can also add to the system at any future point as your storage needs change.


How many rails do I need?

This depends on how much wall space you have and how many accessories you plan on hanging from it.

The best advice is to sort through your garage clutter, throw away or donate anything you don’t need or use and then determine which accessory is suited to each item (for example the multi-purpose hook can hold your 3 spades).

Once you know how many accessories you need, you can work out how much rail you need as each 48″ rail will hold 3-4 accessories.


What accessories are there?


Fast Track Rubbermaid Multi Purpose HookUtility HookHose HookVertical Bike HookHorizontal Bike HookCompact HookShelf with 3 HooksCooler HookWheelbarrow HookLadder HookPower Tool HookS Hooks

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Vertical BallFishingWinter Sports

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Shelf With 3 HooksWire ShelfMesh Basket

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How much weight can I hang on the rail?

The 84″ rails can hold slightly more weight than the 48″ rails – 2000 lbs v 1750 lbs. Each accessory typically holds 50 lbs but you will need to check each one individually to ensure it is fit for the purpose you intend.


If I bought every accessory, how much would it cost?

If you bought one of every accessory, plus all the rails needed to hang them on, it would cost about $450.


Is it easy to install?

Yes, check it out:


What tools do I need to install the Rubbermaid FastTrack rail?

All you need for quick installation is a level, a drill (and 1/8″ and 3/8″ bits), a stud finder and a screwdriver.


How do I install it?

The rail is the only part of the system that is attached to the wall. To install it, use your stud finder to locate your studs, drill a pilot hole into the stud where you want the end of the rail to be, insert the wall anchor and screw in one end of the rail. Level your rail and mark the rest of the drill holes using a pencil through the pre-drilled holes in the rail. Drill the remaining pilot holes, insert the wall anchors, hold the rail in position and screw into the wall. Snap on the cover and then you are ready to snap on your accessories.


How do I attach the wire shelves to the rail?

You will need 3 pieces of vertical track that are sold separately along with the gripper that snaps onto the rail, as well as 3 brackets, again sold separately.

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Do I really need the rail?

You could mount the accessories into a stud but the screws for this are not provided. You will also limit yourself to only being able to hang things from each stud as opposed to across the whole rail if you use the system properly.


Can I use the Rubbermaid FastTrack system anywhere other than the garage?

Yes, great options would be the basement, laundry room and pantry, although shelving will be your main priority so the Rubbermaid wire shelving range might be more suitable depending on your requirements.

Tradesmen have also used FastTrack in their work vans to keep things organized and this seems to work well.


What if I don’t have drywall?

Rubbermaid storage FastTrack is specially designed to be installed on drywall so if you have brick, cement or cinder block walls you will need to buy additional hardware and install the system differently. The recommended weight that the system can hold is also not appropriate for other types of wall.

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