Baby Wicker Baskets5 Great Places To Use Baby Wicker Baskets In Your Nursery

Nursery wicker baskets are stylish and functional. Find out where to use them, see real nursery examples and check out our 8 top picks to buy.



Stylish yet functional storage solutions.

A storage solution that is both decorative and functional is hard to find.

Plastic storage boxes are great for a kids room, the garage or perhaps other out of sight areas; metal storage boxes are fairly plain looking and quite heavy; wooden storage boxes can be very attractive but again are heavy and can be costly; fabric storage boxes are attractive but are not typically very sturdy; so weavers created wicker storage baskets as they are the perfect option.


As well as being stylish and functional, wicker storage baskets are eco friendly. They are made from natural resources such as sea grass, rattan, bamboo and willow, which are sustainable. These materials make the perfect baskets as the fibers are stiff and strong but very light ensuring they are extremely portable.


Wicker baskets come in just about any shape, size and design you can think of. There are those made for specific purposes such as wicker laundry hampers, picnic or Moses baskets as well as general baskets for use anywhere in your home. Buying your baskets in sets is often economical and can ensure that overall decorative cohesion is obtained.

Features to look out for include lids, if you want to keep the contents dust free; handles, if you want ease of lifting; and liners, if you want the contents to be protected from the occasional loose fiber.

When it comes to color, many are left in their natural state, while others are stained to a darker finish. Some are painted in a variety of colors, so you are bound to find something that will work well with your current decor.

Clutter busters

Wicker baskets are the perfect clutter busters as they help to organize and store your things in every room of your home.

  • I bet your living room has magazines or DVDs that need corralling.
  • Could you use some extra organization on your bedroom dresser to hold your jewelery?
  • Do you always misplace your keys? Try assigning a small wicker basket in the entrance hall as your key holder.
  • Wouldn’t your spare toilet paper look neater in a nice basket in your bathroom?
  • Your kitchen – well where wouldn’t wicker baskets be useful? Cabinets, counters, drawers, shelves – everywhere.
  • And don’t get me started on using baby wicker baskets for your nursery!

Perfect for gifts

Due to their attractive look, baskets are often used in gift sets, such as those for a new baby, those including spa items for Mothers Day etc. This is probably their second greatest use. Not only are you giving the recipient the included gifts but also a decorative basket to use around the home later on.

Why not go the extra mile and make up your own gift basket for your loved one on their birthday? That would be so unique, very affordable and would show that you put a lot of effort into the gift.


Wicker storage baskets do need a good clean at least every 6 months to keep them looking as good as new. The nooks and crannies within the weave design can collect dust and whilst a quick dust every so often will help, a proper clean really does help.

So take them outside, hose them down gently to remove all the dust, then gently sponge with soapy water. Leave them to dry off in the sunshine and then spray with a bit of polish to bring back the shine.


You can pick up quality wicker basket sets of 2 or 3 pieces for about $30-40. This is amazing value for such a stylish and functional storage item.

So solve your storage dilemmas today with wicker storage baskets.