Setting up your nursery is such a fun experience, full of anticipation and excitement. But don’t just think about what looks the prettiest, go for function as well as style.

All mums-to-be will have two things on their mind – the safety of their imminent arrival and being able to cope with the life changing experience that is about to happen.

Wicker baskets for your nursery help create a safe environment for your baby as it begins to crawl, toddle and walk by eliminating clutter. They are also fantastic for storing and organizing baby items, making life with a new baby that bit easier.

In fact I think they are some of the greatest nursery organizers available.




Where to use baby wicker baskets

Your nursery can really be a haven for wicker baskets. They are ideal to use in all the functional zones in your nursery. Just think of each daily routine you will go through and what items your basket will need to hold close by:

Elephant Wicker Basket For NurseryThe changing area – use a few small wicker baskets to hold diaper essentials such as diapers, wipes and creams, as well as clean clothes, after bath items and perhaps a toy to keep your baby entertained. A larger wicker hamper located on the floor close by would also be ideal for popping laundry into as necessary. You couldn’t go wrong with this cute elephant from

The feeding area – again small baskets could be used here to hold burp cloths.

Next to the crib – medium sized baskets holding a few toys, stuffed animals and books would be useful. Perhaps they could be located on a bookshelf.

Under crib – larger baskets could be used in this otherwise wasted space to hold blankets, towels and bedding, especially if space is short in your baby closet.

Closet shelves – a mixture of sizes of baskets will suit different items that you might want to store in the closet – think clothes, bibs, bedding and toys. Those that are clearly labelled will help to make your closet organization elegant and simple.

Just make sure that you place them where their sense of charm can be appreciated and they can offer easy access to the items they are storing.


Here are some nurseries already using wicker baby baskets:

Wicker Baskets For Nursery


These nurseries could use some wicker basket help:


Our favorite options:

Wicker baskets make a fabulous catch all storage and organizing solution for your nursery, whilst being a decorative touch at the same time.

Don’t forget they also make the perfect baby shower gift set. They often come filled with baby goodies, but even if not, you know you are helping to bring some organization to the chaos that is often found in a home with a new baby.

Below are some of our favorite options in stores now.

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5 Piece Wicker Basket Baby Nursery Storage Set

Matching 5 piece set with liners comprising 2 large and 3 small baskets. Ideal for a mixture of diaper supplies, clothes, toys and blankets.

Badger Basket 5 Storage Unit

A very stylish 5 Badger Basket storage unit to look great and provide easy access to toys, clothes and much more. Easy to put together (15 mins) but smaller than it looks at 38.25″ wide x 13″ deep x 23.75″ high.

Badger Baskets on changing table

Available in white, blue and pink, these 3 slightly different sized baskets nest nicely inside one another when not being used for diapers, shoes, socks, books and toys. Will look charming in any nursery.

NoJo Jungle Babies Wicker Basket

Perfect for a jungle themed nursery, these dark wicker baskets with attractive liners will look great on their own or come with a range of other NoJo Jungle Babies nursery items, including crib bedding, light switch plate, rug and wall decals.

Bear Wicker Baskets

Spruce up your plain baskets with these 3 pretty liners in baby bear, butterfly or paisley colors.

Enchanted Hollow Nursery Storage

Part of the Eddie Bauer Enchanted Hollow nursery collection, these brown wicker baskets with cute animal images on the liner, would make an attractive and useful addition to any nursery.

Pink Gingham Wicker Baskets

Blue Gingham Wicker Baskets

Gingham is often used in a nursery because it is cute and stylish. These sets of 2 baskets with drawstring liners are perfect for nursery organization, whilst looking great on any shelf, changing table or dresser.


Why wicker storage baskets for your nursery are so great

As well as being stylish, useful, versatile and above all affordable, they have many other advantages:

  • they come in many colors to co-ordinate with your decor, whether the color is from painted wickerwork or liners. White ones give off a sense of purity, newness and cleanliness, while those that are left in their natural state fit in anywhere. Blue and pink gingham liners are particularly popular.
  • they come in many different sizes and shapes offering endless storage options for everything in your nursery.
  • they are organic so environmentally friendly.
  • they are lightweight and portable, so can easily be moved around the room or the home.
  • they can be used in different ways as your baby grows.
  • they keep shelves neat.
  • they organize and conceal clutter.
  • some come with attractive liners that can be removed to be washed.
  • some come with adorable stuffed animal features or with liners that can be personalized.
  • if you can only find plain ones, you can personalize them yourself by painting them or by adding pretty bows and ribbons. This would be a good idea to tie the whole theme in together if you have a selection of different styles of basket.
  • they are most often not brightly colored like plastic boxes making them less attractive to crawling babies and toddlers.

As with anything, there are always disadvantages to one item over another. Wicker baby baskets are not able to be folded down like storage cubes and many do not have handles that make them easy to carry around.

What to look for

  • Nursery wicker baskets often come in sets and these are the items you should be on the lookout for. As you can see from above, a nursery full of wicker baskets will all get used, but tie in your decor with matching items.
  • Durability should be another top concern as good quality baskets will last for years. You can then re-use them for another baby down the line, transition them into kids room storage when your child gets a bit older, or use them in another area of your home altogether.
  • Those with tapered sides will allow the baskets to be nested when not in use.
  • Think about what you will be storing in each basket. This will help you decide which size or mixture of sizes of baskets will be most appropriate.
  • Decide which areas of the nursery could do with baskets that come with liners. Clothes maybe and toys to keep little hands safe from potential scratches.

I’d love to hear how you use baby wicker baskets in your nursery. Please leave me a comment.

Photo credits: brendan-c, 3Neus, mbaylor, kuripan, trec_lit, and 3Neus.

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