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If so the Rubbermaid FastTrack system is the answer. Read on to discover the 9 ways it can help you.

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Way 1
Get your garage back so you can park in it again

If you don’t use your garage for your vehicle, you are not alone. Amazingly, 42% of garage owners are in the same position. But with FastTrack from Rubbermaid storage, you get a wall mounted rail system to keep your items up off the floor. This frees up the garage floor and protects your items from dirt and moisture.

Use those empty walls to create storage space for your power tools, garden tools, ladders and bikes. With this system you will have 10 TIMES the storage space than you would have by just screwing hooks into studs.

Way 2
Simple installation so no need to employ a tradesman

The Rubbermaid FastTrack garage system is easy to install, only taking 3 quick and simple steps:

  • screw the rail(s) into your garage wall studs
  • snap on the rail covering
  • quickly and easily snap on the accessories, such as tools or sports storage hooks and racks, shelves or cabinets.

You only need a drill, a level and ideally a stud finder and you’ll have your garage organized in no time.

Way 3
Make use of all that garage wall as hanging space

You no longer need to worry about only being able to hang things on the wall studs in your garage. You can have a rail the full length of your garage and hang things from every inch of it.

Way 4
Change the layout of your garage storage anytime you like

You don’t need to plan too much with FastTrack as it is versatile and adjustable. All of the accessories are easily repositioned without the need for any tools. So hang your stuff up and it you don’t like it, move it somewhere else.

The number of arrangements you can come up with for all the accessories and shelves is unlimited. You can also add to the system later to accommodate your changing needs.

Way 5
Add to the system any time you like

The Rubbermaid Fast Track system is expandable with your ever changing needs. You can add more rails or accessories as and when you need them and then rearrange your hooks, shelves or racks by quickly unclipping them and positioning them elsewhere.

Way 6
Organize your sports equipment as well as your tools

FastTrack is not just designed for household or garden tool storage. It also recognizes that many people use their garage to store their sports equipment. With hooks designed specially to hold bikes, baseball bats, balls, fishing gear and winter sports equipment, getting out to your sports fixture on time, will never be a problem again.

Having a dedicated space for each item of sports equipment also encourages kids to put things away rather than dumping them on the garage floor.

Way 7
Keep big and bulky equipment off the garage floor

The FastTrack rails are sturdy and can support up to 2000 lbs in weight, that’s about 50 wheelbarrows, so there’s no reason for even big items to take up your garage floor space.

Way 8
No need to spend a fortune on an expensive system

FastTrack is completely modular so you can buy one rail and a few hooks to start with and add to it over the next few months and years as you can afford it.

One piece of 48″ Rubbermaid FastTrack rail, which will hold 3-4 accessories, costs around $13. The average price of each accessory is then around $17 – the cheapest being the Compact Hook for around $5 and with more expensive mesh baskets costing around $27. So you could start with a rail, a multi purpose hook, a hose hook and a wheelbarrow hook for around $60.

Way 9
Increase the sale price of your house

“An organized garage “increases the value — not a lot — but it does help,” said Phyllis Pezenik, vice president of residential sales for DJK Residential, a New York area real estate firm.” (Source: GarageHero.com)

As well as possibly increasing the sale price of your house, an organized garage can be a selling point and help shorten the time your property is on the market. It can also gain you brownie points when an assessor comes to appraise your home for a refinance.

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