When you and your family are not riding your bikes, where are they stored? Are they flung on the garage floor to be tripped or driven over anytime soon? Or are they leant against the garage wall to fall down like dominoes if given the slightest nudge?

If so, read on to learn about some easy to use, innovative and affordable garage bike storage ideas.

Racor Gravity Bike Rack


Why you need garage bike storage solutions

Bicycles, by their very nature, are an awkward shape and size to store easily. They are often left leaning against the garage wall where they can be knocked over or laid on the floor where they could be driven or tripped over. Either way, you are putting not only the bike at risk of damage but also your vehicle and your family.

If your family bikes are taking up your garage floor space, the chances are your vehicle is left parked outside. If so, you are among the 42% of garage owners in a similar position. What a waste!

So take control and regain that floor space in your garage. Look at the many garage organization systems specifically designed for bikes – floor bike stands make the most efficient use of your floor space but you can also use the under-utilized wall and ceiling storage space.

This way you will keep your bikes safe from scratches, rust and other damage.




How much does garage bicycle storage cost?

Our top picks in all categories of bike hooks, hoists and stands range from about $7 to $50. This is a real bargain for the added convenience, space savings and safety you will end up with.

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Types of garage bicycle racks available

Garage bike storage solutions can be categorized by where they are located and style.

Firstly you need to decide whether you want a floor, wall or ceiling mounted system.

Then you need to choose between stands, racks, hooks or hoists.

To learn about the pros and cons of each type, please read our other article covering all the garage bike storage ideas.


How to choose the best garage bike racks for you

Simple to use

As well as cost the main thing to look for when choosing between the many garage bike storage ideas is ease of USE as opposed to ease of STORAGE. This may seem like an odd thing to say but although you want your bike to be safely stored when not in use, you also want easy access to it.

If it will take you half an hour to get your bike out or down from storage the chances are you will not bother with that Sunday afternoon family cycle ride. So look for something that is easy to use.

Even the more innovative bicycle garage storage options are easy to use. Just look at how quickly this 15 year old boy raises and lowers this bike hoist:

Ease of installation

Where your garage bike rack is going to be located will determine how easy it is to install. If you are not that great at DIY, you might be better off choosing a floor stand that just snaps together. If you are comfortable with finding and screwing into wall studs and ceiling joists you can consider wall and garage ceiling bike storage.

Available space in your garage

If you have plenty of room in your garage then you can really choose any storage solution. If you are short of floor space, then a wall or ceiling mounted option would be best.

With wall bike racks, make sure you position them high enough that you can park your car but leave easy access to the car and bike. You don’t want to struggle walking around your car or be banging your head on the bike. They should also store the bike quite close to the wall, without giving rise to damage from scratches.

With overhead bike storage, make sure you have enough height in your garage to accommodate the clearance of the hoist, the bike and your car.


If you buy a quality product in terms of stability and built in safety features then you are half way there but there are other safety issues to consider.

If you have children and you don’t want to be having to put away and get out their bikes for them every day, choose a solution that is child friendly. This may well be a floor stand that bikes roll into easily rather than a wall hook where bikes need to be lifted up and down.

Even if you don’t have kids, consider your own physical health and whether you have the strength to be lifting your bike on and off of wall racks.

Look for hooks or racks that can be folded away when not in use if your garage is a tight fit, so you do not walk into them and hurt yourself.

Consider the weight of the bike and whether it is too heavy for the bike storage rack you are looking at. In this day and age, this is unlikely but is definitely worth double checking. You should also check your bike’s instruction manual to see if there are any warnings about storing the bike incorrectly. For example, bikes with hydraulic disc brakes should not be hung upside down.

Lastly but certainly very importantly, think about the strength of your wall studs and ceiling joists. Are they up to the job of supporting your garage bicycle storage unit?


How many bikes do you want to store? Will your proposed solution accommodate them all or do you need to buy two or more?

Are there built in features that make the storage rack more useful? Examples would include shelves that could be used to store bike helmets, maintenance equipment etc. Or can the rack offer you a dual purpose as a maintenance stand too, where you can oil the chain or change a tire easily?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on garage bike storage. Please leave me a comment.

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