The chances are you will have quite a few sharp knives in your kitchen. Ever wonder why they get blunt quite quickly? Because you’re storing them loose in a drawer.

For maximum ease of use, protection of fingers while rummaging in a drawer and to avoid sharpening them every five minutes, your should invest in some specific kitchen knife storage. Here are our favorite kitchen storage solutions for knives:

TOP CHOICE: a magnetic knife rack

Mount your knife holder in a convenient location in your food preparation area to free up countertop or drawer space. Make sure it is out of reach of children and store knives with their blades pointing down. This is safest and stops slippage but make sure that you do not keep anything on your countertop under the knife holder. Magnetic racks will also hold your kitchen scissors.
Kitchen Knife Storage - Magnetic Knife Holder

This 20″ stainless steel holder by MIU is the perfect example and costs under $30. With 100+ 5 star reviews on Amazon, it should be hard to resist.

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ALTERNATIVE: a knife block – countertop or under cabinet

Useable counter top space in a kitchen is hard to come by so help to keep yours clear with an under cabinet knife block.

How To Organize Kitchen Knives With An Under Cabinet Knife Block

This attractive oak block from Wusthof needs only 3 screws to attach to the underside of your cabinet. Use it to hold 8 knives (up to 10″ long) plus a sharpening steel and take advantage of its pivot feature to keep handles out of the way when not in use. The knives are held in the block with a magnetic strip so you don’t need to worry about them falling out.

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ALTERNATIVE: in drawer knife protectors

If you’re really set on organizing kitchen knives in drawers, then you will need to keep the knives separate from one another and to cover the blades so they are not dangerous. Storage options include knife organizer trays or plastic blade protectors.

Knife Organizer Tray

This in drawer knife organizer tray again from Wusthof is made from oak and has 14 slots. The slots are different sizes so you can store a range of knives including 6 large (up to 10″ blades) and 8 small (up to 5″ blades). There is also room for your sharpening steel. The wave design ensures you have easy access to your knives and the blades are completely covered to prevent accidents.

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Store knife accessories together

Keep your knife sharpener and chopping boards close by (I’m right into these Chop 2 Pot cutting boards – saves me chucking veggies all over the stove!).

Chop 2 Pot Cutting Board

Just remember that before you transfer all of your knives from your kitchen drawer to a knife rack, give away or sell any that you don’t use regularly or toss those that are either broken or rusty.

Do you have any other ideas for how to organize kitchen knives? Please leave me a comment.

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