How To Organize Kitchen Islands

Moveable kitchen islands and carts are the most versatile of all kitchen organizers. They create space without needing a whole kitchen remodel.

Why you need kitchen island storage

If you don’t have enough food preparation workspace, islands and carts are the answer. As well as offering extra countertop space, these great kitchen organization ideas provide extra cabinets, drawers and shelves.

Many are moveable so they can be wheeled out when needed, to wherever you like, and pushed away again to store. Most are very stylish so they also enhance your kitchen décor.

Even Martha Stewart has a kitchen storage cart by her stove!

Martha Stewart Kitchen Storage Cart


But which kitchen storage cart is best for you?

  • If you need extra workspace to cut, slice or chop, choose one with a butchers block top.
  • If you need extra heat resistant countertop space, look for those with stainless steel or granite tops.
  • If you need extra cabinet space to store things away neatly, buy one with cabinets.
  • If you want easy access to frequently used equipment and utensils, opt for one with open shelves.
  • If you want extra countertop space but only at certain times, find one with a drop leaf.

Optional organizing features you can look out for include knife racks, towel racks but perhaps most importantly, wheels. Wheels are what really make these kitchen organizers so versatile.

Built in?

Your kitchen may already have an island built in, but if not pre-made islands on wheels are far more practical. They do not take up permanent kitchen space as they can be wheeled away and stored when not in use.


For those on a budget, Honey Can Do make a popular storage cart with wire shelves, wheels and a cutting board for under $100. To make it a bit prettier, why not add some curtain panels that could hide the contents when guests come round.

For slightly more you can opt for Winsome‘s wooden 2-door cabinet cart with a drawer.

Or for around $350, you can find a highly thought of 4-door natural wood cabinet cart with 2 drawers, knife caddy and towel rack by Home Styles.

Kitchen Rolling Cart

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Add in upright steel slats to separate out spots for trays or baking sheets.

Add warmth and texture to any open shelves on your island or cart by using pretty storage baskets. You could also mount baskets to the sides for extra storage space if you do not have open shelves.

Mount some hooks on the sides of your island to hang oven mitts, hand towels or pretty dish cloths.

Consider attaching recycling bins to the sides of your cart to create a recycling station.




Can you share any ideas for how to organize kitchen islands and rolling carts? Please leave me a comment to let others know how you get the most out of yours.

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