Martha Stewart’s raison d’ĂȘtre in the kitchen is to create a functional but beautiful space.

Many of her kitchen organization ideas are fairly well known, such as ensuring you use all of your wall space, group like items and create activity zones, and some are a little over the top. I mean who has a drawer full of skewers and picks and open shelving might be OK for those with perfectly matching dishware sets and attractive pitchers, but for the rest of us, cabinets with doors are a much better idea.

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However, she also has some great organizing ideas that you might not have heard about elsewhere. So here they are: how to organize a kitchen Martha Stewart style!




Use bird beak shelving for adjustable shelves that can slide in and out. They offer a nice sleek look, with no holes or hardware in sight. Here’s how to make them from an article at

Martha Stewart Kitchen Ideas - Bird Beak Shelving

Choose decorative storage options that can be left on display. Pretty bins and baskets can be used to corral items on shelves. Decant your dish liquid into a decorative container to improve the overall look of your kitchen. Display items that you like looking at as long as they don’t become clutter. Make sure they are being functional whilst on display, for example, use attractive platters to store fruit and vegetables.

Use items that you already own as organizers – perhaps a tray as a shelf divider in your glass cabinet or a baking pan to house your spices, oils and vinegars. Hang a pencil and notepad in the pantry and keep an inventory of your items. You’ll have a quick reference point for what you need to use up or stock up on.

Make your own magnetic message board that matches the colors of your kitchen and use it to keep track of family life. Click HERE to learn how.

Install under cabinet lighting to ensure your countertops are not hidden in the shadows and brighten up every inch of your kitchen.

Don’t underestimate the uses of a rolling cart. They offer storage wherever needed, an extra workspace whenever needed and could even be used as a sideboard or bar when entertaining. They are particularly useful in tight kitchens.

Ensure your family’s safety is paramount by not overlooking this often forgotten element of kitchen organization. Keep a fire extinguisher and first aid kit close by.

For more Martha Stewart kitchen and organizing ideas and tips, check out the Martha Stewart Living Magazine.

Martha Stewart Living Magazine

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