If your closet looks like this …

Closet Before

… but you want it to look like this ….

After Rubbermaid Wire Shelving

… then Rubbermaid wire shelving can help in the following 8 ways.

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Way 1
Storage problems?

Does your current closet have just a single clothes rail? If so I bet you are constantly thinking you don’t have enough storage space. But by optimizing and organizing your closet space with this Rubbermaid system, you can at least double its storage capacity.

Is the clothes rail sagging under the weight of all your clothes? Rubbermaid shelving systems are stronger than traditional wall systems. The shelves are sturdy and durable.


Way 2
Need extra storage once your basic closet is installed?

Take a look at the range of accessories and add ons available from Rubbermaid storage. From extra shelves, shoe shelves, wire baskets to tie and belt organizers, there is sure to be an easy and affordable solution to your problem.


Way 3
Can’t afford an expensive system

Forget the thousands of dollars you know a professionally designed closet would cost. You will be amazed at the awesome value for money Rubbermaid Configurations kits offer. Starting at around $60, you can have a fully functional custom closet solution.


Way 4
Is your messy closet bringing you down?

The closet is the first room you go into each and every morning. Make it look nice and arrange it for easy accessibility to simply your life, more convenience and to lower your stress levels.


Way 5
Are you thinking of moving house?

Professional closet installations can easily run to $3000 or more. If you are planning on moving home, this would be money down the drain. But with Rubbermaid shelving, you will only spend a fraction of this and can even take it with you when you move.


Way 6
Not quite sure how you want to arrange your closet?

Being completely customizable, Rubbermaid shelving kits allow you to organize your closet whichever way makes sense to you. This could be by color, by work or leisure or by his and hers clothing. But it ALSO offers you complete flexibility – you can have a Rubbermaid wire shelf in one place today and move it somewhere else tomorrow.

Once the vertical bars are installed across your closet wall, you just slot the shelves into place. Later if you need or just fancy a change, just unhook them and place them elsewhere. It couldn’t be simpler.


Way 7
Worried that Rubbermaid wire shelving will snag your clothes?

Don’t be. Designed especially for closets, Rubbermaid shelves are coated with a smooth, easy glide epoxy coating. They are maintenance free and will not peel, rust or chip so your clothes will be safe. The metallic finish is also much nicer than the cheap, white plastic look other shelving uses.


Way 8
Not great with DIY projects?

Don’t worry – Rubbermaid wire shelving installation is easy, much easier than traditional wall systems, and will take you about an hour.


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