Having just decluttered and organized my under the sink kitchen cabinet in rather an urgent fashion, I thought I’d check out what was available in the range of under the sink organizers so I can replace my cardboard boxes.

Here is what I found in both the DIY and ‘to buy‘ range:


DIY: Make your own door pocket organizer

This is perfect because it’s lightweight, you can make it yourself to fit the size of your cabinet door and your needs and as you make it yourself, it’s cheap.




BUY: Expandable under the sink shelf organizer

Expandable under the sink shelf organizer

For around $20 you can buy, then design and build your own shelf organizer. You build the frame, which expands from 18″ to 32″, and then snap on and slide the 10 small shelves to fit wherever is appropriate around your plumbing. The plastic shelves are durable, easy to clean and easy to install. The double shelf design effectively triples the useable space in your cabinet.

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DIY: Another great use for a tension rod

Place it anywhere in your cabinet, in any size of cabinet. Avoid those pesky plumbing pipes and effectively create a floating shelf to keep those bulky sprays off the floor. Another cheap DIY option.


BUY: Two tier under sink sliding cabinet chrome organizer

Two tier under sink sliding cabinet chrome organizer

Designed to fit at the side of your plumbing fixtures, this sliding wire organizer has a full size lower basket and a half size upper basket. You fit the gliding pieces to the floor of your cabinet and then just pull the cabinet towards you to easily reach the items stored at the back. It measures 14″ high x 12″ wide x 18″ deep and is made of heavy duty chrome.

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DIY: Adapted lazy susan

This DIY effort is actually a circular tray glued onto a standard lazy susan. It is perfect to use in a small cabinet where you want easy access to your cleaning products.


BUY: Over the door rack

Over the door rack

Add an extra shelf to your under sink cabinet by simply hanging this rack over the door – no installation. It is made of heavy duty chrome to provide a strong steel wire rack for your products and there are foam pads on the back to protect your cabinet. Available in three sizes including a 2-tier design, these clean and simple organizers are ideal for your most used items.

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DIY: Plastic bag holding more plastic bags

Plastic bag holder

Source: jengrantmorris.blogspot.com

Another super simple idea. Keep all your spare plastic bags in … da da da … another plastic bag. Just hang one on the inside of your door (Jen used little nails but command hooks would work just as well) and stuff those spares inside.


BUY: Rubbermaid sliding baskets

Rubbermaid sliding baskets

These large baskets measuring 20″ x 11″ x 8″ can store a lot of cleaning supplies (13 bottles). They slide on slider rails (which are quick and easy to install) so don’t tip forward when pulled all the way out and allow easy access to hard to reach areas of an under the sink cabinet.

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DIY: Build your own kitchen sink storage trays

Kitchen sink storage trays

Now this option is a lot more involved but if you’re handy in the carpentry department you should be able to knock these sliding organizer trays together in an afternoon for about $80. Look how many there are, and you can customize them to your sink cabinet. There is a great step by step photo tutorial at http://www.familyhandyman.com.


Bonus ideas:

You can also use other storage items found around your home – say plastic shoe boxes and plate drainer racks. Do you have any other kitchen organization ideas? I’d love to hear them.

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