Many of us aspire to own a walk in closet. They remind us of the rich and famous and having all that space to showcase our fabulous clothes would be a dream.

Just having space for clothes rather than having to cram them into a closet that you dare not open for fear of an avalanche would be nice. But to have a closet that you can bask in, sit in, try on all your clothes in would be perfect. recently put together a collection of 33 exceptional walk-in-closets. They range from “dark and mysterious to bright and luxurious”. Some have dark furniture, others are vividly colored. Some are long and narrow, others are large and roomy. Floor to ceiling storage is available along with elegant furniture offering more traditional storage.




If you have the room to create a walk-in-closet, here are some of my favorite ideas from the collection:

Floor to ceiling shoe rack – for a shoe lover with a beautiful collection of shoes, using them as a decorative touch by simply displaying them on a single wall looks particularly attractive. The rack was simple, leaving the shoes to do the talking.

Purse shelves – for collectors of attractive purses, displaying them individually with one per shelf, shows them off as if in a store. It is also easy to quickly match the color of your clothes to your purse.

An island – whilst more usual to be found in a kitchen, an island can add visual interest to a large square shaped closet. It saves on otherwise wasted space and makes a convenient storage unit for regularly used items.

A step ladder – with floor to ceiling storage, being able to reach those hats or purses stored up top is an important factor. Choose a ladder in keeping with the color and theme of your closet.

A comfy chair – if I had a walk in closet I would want to spend time in it. It would not just be a space to store my clothes but instead a space to enjoy my clothes. As such I would want to be comfortable. I would want to lounge around in there, perhaps read some magazines, who knows, but if I had the room, I would certainly use it.

A rug – unless your closet has wall to wall carpeting, a rug is an essential for any walk-in-closet. Most of the time you will be barefoot in there and you don’t want to get cold tootsies now do you!

A mirror – or three of course.

A chandelier – a superb walk-in closet deserves a chandelier to add to the decadence don’t you think?

Décor – don’t shy away from styling your closet. How about a feature wall or some fancy art work?

And here are some elements I didn’t like:

No doors to the bedroom – the closet, whilst immaculately kept in the staged photo, was on full view from the master bedroom. For most of us mere mortals, the inside of our closet will not add a decorative touch to the room. Even if it is beautifully organized, our clothes will be non-uniform lengths and colors and our shelves will have non-symmetrical items stored away, thus causing visual distraction.

Doors on internal closets – if you have a whole room dedicated as a closet, why bother with internal doors on each section. Presumably the whole idea is to be immersed in your clothing collection where you can see at a glance what goes with what or what takes your fancy. Having to open doors seems to take away from the fun.

Windows – this may seem a bit odd to be on my list of dislikes, but my idea of a heavenly closet is somewhere I can escape to and can enjoy trying on my clothes, effectively in hiding. Having floor to ceiling windows does nothing for me other than make me self-conscious. A skylight yes, as a bit of natural light never goes amiss when checking colors but normal windows, no thank you.

Dark colors – I want my walk-in-closet to be fun and vibrant not dark and dreary. Maybe my husband’s closet could be darker and more professional (when we get round to having two LOL) but for now, I’ll steer clear of the dark wooden furniture and décor.

Do you fancy a walk-in closet one day or do you have one already? If so what design elements will you or did you incorporate?

If such a closet is on your wish list, at least ensure your current closet, however small, is organized – check out our closet organization guide for tips.

Source: via Marcia on Pinterest

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