I came across a blog post yesterday titled ‘Labeling The Salt‘ written by Lelah at Helping You Organize. Initially I thought that it was going a bit over the top until I remembered I’d actually labelled my own salt on Saturday LOL.

I had been tidying out my baking shelf. I have 4 old ice-cream tubs that hold my flour, milk powder and sugar (staple ingredients for my daily loaf of homemade bread). Anyway I always know which one is which as I put them back in the right order but when my husband takes his weekly trip into the cabinet when he cooks on a Sunday it all goes to pot, so I thought I’d label them.

So back to Lelah’s story – it was about organizing with your husband and it made me think. I’ve lost count of the number of times either my son or my husband just asks me where something is that is ‘hidden in plain sight‘ (love that phrase!). And I expect I’m not alone.

It’s so frustrating, even more so when they try not to be helpless and start pulling everything out of the cabinet in the vain hope of finding what they were looking for. As soon as I see this happening I jump up, dash to the cabinet and swoop in like a super-hero trying to save the cabinet from chaos! I’m usually too late.




Anyway it got me thinking that aiming for an organized home with “a place for everything and everything in its place” is all very well unless I’m the only who knows where these magical places are.

Labelling things that hubby or my son might want is probably a good idea. It might help them put these things back in the right place too. “I don’t know where it goes” is a good excuse but doesn’t help the family buy in I really need to achieve my dream of an organized home.

Obviously there’s no point (in my house anyway) in labelling the baking powder or the desiccated coconut but things like spices spring to mind for hubby and the cookie tin for my son. (Check out my other article for more ideas on making your kitchen family friendly especially with kids in mind.)

You can also take labelling further afield in your house to the bathroom, laundry, linen closet, toy room etc. How about all those wires behind the TV or computer? The options are endless as are how you actually do your labelling. Check out the video below which has plenty of ideas for how and what to label.



What do you think? Could your label maker save you a bit of family induced stress?

Image source: apartmenttherapy.com via Leah on Pinterest

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