The aim of baby closet organizers for your nursery is to ensure that there is no wasted space in the closet. They should also separate out clothes, shoes, bedding and toys into easy to find areas.

Baby clothes don’t really need to be hung on a rod as due to their ‘easy care’ nature, they are fine to be folded up and stored away. So don’t waste all that space below your closet rod – fill it with a mix of cubbies, cubes, shelves and shoe racks.

Follow our simple 7 step guide below for how to use your baby clothes organizer to enjoy a neat and tidy closet.




Step 1

The chances are you will have baby clothes ranging from newborn up to 12 months old and beyond by the time your baby is born. It is best to partition clothes by size and then by season within size.

Step 2

Keep each group of items together in their own cubby or use labeled dividers on the hanging rod. Baby Buddy Size-It Closet Organizers and Sugar Booger Baby Closet Dividers are popular options.

Baby Closet Organizers

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Step 3

Ensure your closet system can cope with outgrown clothes. Perhaps use some bins or wire baskets at the bottom of the closet to keep items for your next baby or until you are ready to donate them.

Step 4

Keep your baby’s regularly worn clothes in the most accessible place, with less used items at the back or bottom of the closet.

Step 5

Add some small storage bins for socks or small accessories.

Step 6

It is often best to keep night changing items out of the closet and near the changing table. This will keep the bleary eyed process that little bit easier.

Step 7

Close the closet door and enjoy the comfortable and tidy environment you have created for you and your baby. And perhaps consider some closet organization ideas for your own clothes chaos.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you use baby closet organizers. Please leave me a comment.

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