A hanging closet organizer makes the most of your closet’s vertical space. By using one you will be able to neatly store more clothes, shoes and accessories, than you thought you had room for. This will help you avoid your closet being in a state of constant mess and will save you time when you come to look for something to wear.

A closet hanging system is a vertical collection of fabric shelves or cubbies that hang from your closet rod by way of a strip of fabric fixed with velcro. There are many shapes and sizes available to fit the many types and sizes of items that you may want to store.

Some have specific functions, for example, they are designed primarily for shoe storage, sweaters, purses etc. Others are more general in nature and there are also mixed use organizers.




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Hanging Closet Organizer

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Do I need hanging closet storage?

Are you only using the clothes rail and the floor space in your closet? If so you need some tips on how to organize a closet as you are wasting a lot of vertical space. A hanging organizer can help immensely so yes YOU need one.

How will I benefit from owning a hanging clothes organizer?

If your closet is a constant mess, cluttered beyond belief, with clothes tumbling out every time you open the door, then you are need of a cure. Hanging closet systems offer a low cost cure to your messy clothing by maximizing your available space.

They will make the best use of your vertical space by offering you more shelves to store folded sweaters and other bulky items and more shoe storage space, whilst only taking up minimal floor space. They will make the clothes in your closet easier to find and access.

Why are they better than other closet organizers?

A closet hanging organizer:

  • is easy to install
  • will fit anywhere with a rail
  • is fairly cheap
  • is highly functional
  • takes up minimal room
  • can easily be folded away when not needed or to take on trips.

How to choose one

Step 1
First you need to measure the dimensions of your closet so you know which organizers will fit in.

Step 2
Next you need to declutter your closet. Toss away (recycle or donate) anything that you don’t wear or no longer fits and group the remaining clothes into piles of similar items.

Step 3
Determine how much space you need for the following types of clothes and accessories that are in your closet:

  • clothes that need to be hung split between full length and half length
  • bulky items like sweaters
  • t shirts
  • underwear
  • shoes
  • accessories, eg, purses, hats

Step 4
You are then in a position to decide:

  • how many large cubbies you need for sweaters
  • how many medium cubbies you need for t shirts
  • how many shoe cubbies you need
  • whether you need additional specialty organizers for purses
  • whether your hanging organizer needs to have drawer accessories to stow your underwear, and
  • how much hanging space you need to preserve on your closet rod.

Step 5
You can then look for one or a selection of organizers that will fit your needs.

Take care to consider the weight of your items and the load that specific organizers you are interested in will bear.

Consider any additional features on offer such as side pockets, drawer accessories or zip up closures.

Look out for name brands like Household Essentials, Honey Can Do, Whitmor and Rubbermaid.

Still need more hanging space?

You may not want to sacrifice any hanging space to fit in a hanging organizer. So what do you do?

Closet Doubler

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DOUBLE your hanging space with this closet doubler.

Rubbermaid Shelf

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COMBINE hanging space with shelving with this Rubbermaid shelf.

Over the door hanging closet organizers

As well as hanging organizers that fit onto your closet rod, you can also find those that fit over the door and use the wasted space on the inside of the door.

Hanging Shoe Organizer

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This Whitmor shoe rack can hold 36 pairs.

These are typically shoe organizers but you can also find those designed to hold purses, jewelry, caps and one of my favorite closet organization ideas, an organizer for your iron and iron board.

Over The Door Hanging Closet Organizers

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Making your hanging organizers last longer

As with everything that you want to get your money’s worth from, you need to maintain it. So dust your hanging closet organizer regularly and consider giving it an annual wash. Also don’t overpack it or it might just collapse and that messy closet will return!

I’d love to hear your ideas for using hanging closet organizers. Please leave me a comment.

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