With all the fun and excitement of preparing for the arrival of your new baby, there are many things you will need to buy. So don’t forget this motherhood essential – the baby closet organizer.

Why do you need one?

Once you have your baby, things can get pretty chaotic. Time will be precious so you don’t want to waste any, searching for the perfect outfit for your little one each day. Baby closet organizers will help maintain your sanity, by having all your baby’s clothes, shoes, bedding and perhaps even toys neatly organized in one place.




Baby closet organization will help ensure you make the maximum use of the space available and you will need this when you are inundated with baby clothes. You won’t be able to help buying that cute little outfit that your baby doesn’t really need and nor will your friends and family. Your baby will have way more than he/she needs and you will have to find somewhere to put it where you won’t forget about it until they are too big for it.

Baby Closet Organizer

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It has 6 shelves, 4 mesh pockets and 3 hooks to easily hang over your closet rod.

How to choose a baby closet organizer

Tip 1
Measure the size of your baby clothes closet carefully – including height, depth and width. You don’t want to find that whatever you buy won’t fit.

Tip 2
Think about what you are going to store in the closet as this will determine how large your organizer needs to be. Do you have any storage in your changing table or will you need to store diapers in the closet too?

Tip 3
Look for the most durable option – heavy gauge canvas or something not too flimsy.

Tip 4
Think about whether the baby clothes organizer will be suitable for the long term. Is it future proof? Will it grow with your child and be able to cope with heavier and larger clothes?

Tip 5
Do you need hanging space, cubbies, cubes, shelves, and a baby shoe organizer? A mixture of them all is ideal. Open shelves allow for easy access which can be adjusted as your storage requirements change. Storage bins are ideal for corralling accessories in one place.

Tip 6
Is the organizer flexible? Can it be expanded or reconfigured as your child grows or their needs change? This Neat Nursery system is customizable so you can build a personalized organizational system to fit your particular needs.

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Tip 7
Look for one that requires the least installation. Many just hang from your existing rod rather than needing any drilling or permanent modifications.

Alternative baby closet ideas

You are not limited to baby closet organizers, there are of course normal closet organization ideas that you can use in your nursery. Those made specifically for babies typically have smaller cubbies but this can be good or bad depending on what you are trying to store.

Why not consider these alternative hanging organizers for your baby’s closet:

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A couple of these 8 shelf organizers would fill your closet nicely and make good use of the whole space. Available in four colors, you can also buy handy drawer accessories.

==> Click HERE for details of this Household Essentials Organizer <==

Although sold as a shoe and sweater organizer, this could easily be repurposed for baby clothes and accessories. With 3 large shelves and 10 small cubbies, a multitude of baby paraphernalia could be stored away neatly.

Enjoy It

Whether you are buying a baby closet organizer as a gift for a baby shower or just getting yourself ready for your imminent arrival, the nursery will look great and life will be easier if you keep organized.

Do you look for anything else in a baby clothes organizer? Please leave me a comment.

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