Are you like the 39% of survey respondents
who say their pot lids are “in a jumble somewhere“?

If so then here is a bit of help.

It’s no surprise that lids are the nemesis of an organized kitchen. They are often one of the trickiest items to arrange due to the mixture of shapes and sizes that you collect over time.




But here are 3 easy steps to follow to get them under control:

Step 1

Most people have far too many lids so let’s recycle some:

  • Match up each lid with its mate (pot, pan or plastic container). Recycle any singles that are left over.
  • Recycle any that are broken, warped, stained or smelly.
  • Recycle those that you don’t use or don’t really need. Come on – do you really need them all?

Step 2

Dedicate an area that is big enough to hold the lids and their mates and then store the lids vertically in size order.

For plastic container lids, consider keeping them in Ziploc bags or even rectangular baskets fixed to the back of your cabinet door. You can also store plastic containers with their lids on them so that they stack nicely but they’ll take up more room this way. So nest your containers inside one another and keep the lids all together off to the side but close by.

Here are mine – just filed away in a plastic container. They are grouped with the same size lids together, stood vertically with the bigger ones at the back.

My Organized Lids

When I started there were twice as many as most had no mate. Now they are so easy to keep organized as I know where to put them away and there’s room in the cabinet.

For the lids of pots and pans, check out the kitchen lid organizer range where there are products available that cost between $10-$50. They are generally either:

  • vertical holders for cabinet shelves,
  • back of cabinet door organizers, or
  • slide out cabinet organizers.

Pot Lid OrganizerCabinet Door Lid RackSlide Out Pan Lid Organizer

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You can also use items you already own to save a bit of money on these kitchen organization ideas.

Think about the dish rack you no longer use for drying dishes, a napkin holder, plate rack or toast rack. You could also slide them on top of a hanging pot rack if you own one.

Or why not spend a bit of time making your own kitchen lid holder such as the one we feature as part of these 15 Inspiring DIY Kitchen Organizers.

Step 3 – Optional

Rather than try and mess with the assortment of lids you currently own, why not start from scratch and treat yourself to a new matching set!!

If your lids are waiting to come crashing down on you the next time you open the cabinet, now is the time for action.

I’d love to hear how your organize YOUR lids. Please leave me a comment.

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