Whilst looking for ways to organize your kitchen on a budget, you may think about making your own kitchen organizers.

These are often cheaper than buying ready-to-go organizers (although do check out these 8 Kitchen Organizers For Under $20) and can be custom made to your exact requirements.

They probably won’t be seen as they will be inside cabinets and drawers but if you are handy at crafts or DIY, your home made versions may well look better than some cheap store bought products anyway!




Here are some inspirational DIY kitchen organization ideas we’ve found around the web to get you started.

If you come up with anything else, please let us know and we will share your creations with our readers.

DIY Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

Tiered Cabinet Shelves
Tiered cabinet shelves – make it easier to find what you’re looking for by building some tiered shelves to store cans at the back of the cabinet.

Helper Shelf
DIY helper shelves – use the space more efficiently in your cabinet by doubling the usable shelving with a helper shelf.

DIY Kitchen Drawer Organizers

Custom drawer organizers
Custom drawer organizers – make your own drawer dividers that are exactly the size you need from old cereal boxes or card stock that you have lying around.

Diy Drawer organizers
DIY drawer organizer – if your jumble of utensils, flatware and small cooking gadgets are making you crazy every time you open the drawer, why not make your own drawer dividers. You just need a few pieces of wood and some glue and you can customize your divider to fit your items perfectly.

Drawer divider with knife block
DIY drawer organizer with knife block – or how about this one with a knife block built in?

Diy Drawer organizer
Cardboard drawer organizer – if woodwork sounds a bit beyond you, how about using a bit of cardboard and giftwrap instead?

Plexiglass drawer organizer
Custom made plexiglass organizer – watch this video to make something a bit more tricky.

DIY Pot & Lid Rack

Ladder Pot Rack
Ladder pot rack – hanging pot racks can be very expensive, but if you have an old ladder lying around turn it into an amazing space saver with a few lengths of heavy duty chain.

Pot Lid Organizer
Pot lid organizer – solve your pot lid clutter with this salvaged towel rack idea. You can mount it on the wall or even on the inside of your cabinet door (click HERE for a video ‘how to’). You could also do the same with old curtain rods.

DIY Hanging Canisters

Glass jar canisters
Glass jar hanging canisters – if your shelves don’t quite provide enough storage space mount some glass jars underneath and make use of this wasted space.

DIY Knife Block

Skewer knife block
Bamboo skewer knife block – how professional does this look! Keep your knives sharp and out of the drawer by making your own knife block from some pine shelves and bamboo skewers from the dollar store.

DIY Spice Racks

Back of door spice rack
Back of door spice rack – use that wasted space at the back of your cabinet door to ensure you can find the spice you need at a glance using a bit of wood and acrylic.

Magnetic under shelf spice rack
Magnetic under shelf spice rack – don’t take up any shelf space for your spices. Have them hanging in mid air, either within a kitchen cabinet or on show under a wall shelf.

Metal ruler spice rack
Magnetic metal ruler spice rack – how about this cheaper to make version?

DIY magnetic spice rack
Magnetic wall mounted spice rack – keep your spices handy but up off the countertop with these easy to make magnetic spice strips.

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