It’s great to know that even if you don’t have the budget for fancy kitchen organization ideas and products that you can still save money and organize your kitchen for free.

You probably already own plenty of items that can be used as organizers, you just need to be creative.




Old food containers make the perfect drawer or cabinet shelf organizers. Try using yoghurt pots to hold twist ties, rubberbands, toothpicks and the like. Or how about margarine tubs to keep packet mixes or tupperware lids together and stood upright. Glass jars from pasta sauces or mayonnaise can hold flatware or kitchen utensils.

Cereal boxes or other cardboard you have lying around can be cut up and used as drawer dividers.
Diy Drawer organizer


Cardboard boxes covered in attractive craft paper make perfect baskets for your wall shelves or even inside your cabinets to keep like items together. Think of all those diaper, shoe, liquor and online shopping boxes you put in the recycling. Recycle them yourself into a pretty basket organizer.

Shoe boxes, especially the cheap and clear plastic variety, can easily be repurposed to keep like items together. Think pasta, granola bars, baking goods etc.

Baking trays can be used to group all of your baking goods whilst not in use. And how about turning a rarely used loaf tin upside down and using it as a tiered shelf at the back of your cabinet to store cans on. This saves space in your baking cabinet AND helps you to see the dark depths of the canned goods shelf.

Do you have an old dish drainer that you no longer use? Store your pot lids or baking sheets in it. They are much easier to find and grab if they are stood up vertically.

Beg, borrow or re-use some tension style curtain rods that will fit the height of your kitchen cabinets. Position them in pairs, front to back, at intervals that will hold your bakeware, chopping boards, trays and heavy platters. This will keep them upright and means you don’t have to lift the whole stack each time you need one at the bottom.

Curtain Tension Rod Dividers


Use a tray in your glassware or mug cabinet. Cover the top and bottom with a non-skid liner and then lay it on top of the bottom row of items to create a helper shelf for another row and make the maximum use of space.

If you have any pitchers, pretty mugs or pottery vases that you don’t use very often, put them on display and use them to hold your utensils.

If you don’t have much lying around your own house, visit thrift shops or yard sales and see what you can find. Look beyond the current state of any prospective items as with a bit of paint and a makeover, you’ll be amazed at how good, someone else’s ‘junk’ can look.

Just A Little Creativity transformed an old wooden spice rack into these handy organizers with a bit of paint.

Spice Rack Makeover

Alternatively you can try your hand at some easy DIY projects to come up with the perfect custom organizers for your kitchen clutter. Check out these 15 inspiring ideas for DIY kitchen organizers, which range from using a metal ruler to make a magnetic under cabinet spice rack to making your own tiered or helper shelves if you’re any good at wood work. 

Please leave me a comment and let me know if you have any other ideas for how to organize your kitchen for free.

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