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How To Organize Your Kitchen Naked. And what it says about you ...  Watch out for neighbors. Close the curtains or blinds before you undress to applause.Make sure the kids are out and busy. You don't want little Timmy bringing his friends home unexpectedly.Ignore all visitors. If your friend pops over or Aunt Vera stops by, stay very still and pretend you're not there. Don't answer the door.Plan for your husband's return. Keep a close eye on the time. Make sure you're dressed when he gets back from work ... or not!Safety First. Keep a handle on your jiggly bits as let loose they may get caught in a drawer or cabinet door. Ouch.OK here's the real 'how to': Declutter - toss anything you never use. Plan - your kitchen zones. Organize - each drawer and cabinet. Year, yeah ... this is just about being NAKED!So why are you organizing whilst stripped bare? You're raving mad - watch out for the men in white coats. You're an exhibitionist - no leaving the curtains open now. You're wild at hear - grrrrrrrrrrrr. You're so hot - hopefully it's just summer time. You can't think what to wear - come on, really? You just want to have FUN, FUN, FUN!Congratulations. If you've had fun and achieved anything you should save some time, money and stress in the future. If not, there's always next week ... but maybe you'll have more luck with your clothes on!Image 9

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