If our $50 closet organizing project is still too much of a stretch for you, then here are some money saving ideas for how to organize a closet for free.

Idea 1

Start with a ‘throwing out’ spree. I bet half the items in your closet your never wear. They’re either the wrong size, worn out or you never liked them when you got them home from the shop.

Whatever the reason, don’t keep them any longer. Recycle or donate them now. This will double the space in your closet which may be enough to help you organize with the clothes rail or existing shelves you already have.

If you have less to organize, you’ll spend less on organizers.

Idea 2

Another way to free up more space so that your existing organizers are sufficient is to move out of season clothes elsewhere. Why not use your suitcases to hold winter woolies or beach towels and bikinis until the right season comes round again?




Idea 3

Re-purpose storage bins, plastic drawers, book cases or baskets that aren’t being used elsewhere in your house and move them into the closet. Even the smallest bins could be used to hold belts or jewelry.

Idea 4

Use the boxes your shoes came in to organize them in your closet. Label the boxes so you know what’s in them. You’ll find shoes are much easier to store this way than all jumbled up together.

Idea 5

Closet Shelf Dividers
Divide up your shelf space with home made shelf dividers. Achieve the look above by using cardboard boxes – office archive type boxes are best but see what you can get hold of for free. Think old diaper boxes, paper boxes or those that your local supermarket or workplace is throwing out.

Stand them on their short side. Your sweater piles will never merge into each other again. You can also remove the whole box without disturbing adjacent piles if need be.

Idea 6

Closet Doubler
Make your own closet doubler. Achieve this look with an old curtain pole and some rope.

Idea 7

Hang up fabric grocery bags and use them to store hats, scarves or undies.

Idea 8

Don’t throw away old doors or bits of wood – turn them into shelves. Use bricks in between layers to build up a set of shelves. Don’t go too high though or it might get a bit wobbly.

Idea 9

Make your own storage cubes out of cardboard boxes. Try to use strong ones for this technique. Those that used to hold wine or other liquor are generally the strongest. Ask at your local off licence if they have any they are going to recycle. You can always paint them to make them more attractive.

Idea 10

Divide up your large drawers with any wire shelves or baskets that you have lying around. Alternatively cut one large side off of cereal boxes and use the rest.

Idea 11

Splash out and spend $1 on a pack of hooks. I know it’s not FREE, but come on – a dollar? Use these to hang jewelry, purses or hats.

What other closet organization ideas do you have for how to organize your closet for free? Please leave me a comment.

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