Closet DoublerA closet doubler is a key closet organizer to own if you want to make use of all the available space in your closet.

Having multiple hanging spaces in a closet is like having two closets in one and a doubler can really help create extra hanging space in a small closet.

The good news is they are cheap (costing only around $12) as you can see in our $50 closet organizing project.

But if the standard sized ones won’t fit your closet or you want a bigger one or you just fancy a bit of DIY, why not make your own closet doubler.

This way it will be custom designed to your closet and your exact needs. You won’t save any money thanks to the great value for money products already out there but you will end up with something perfect for you.




Here’s how!

All you need to create your own multi-level clothes rod with storage for hanging purses and belts and scarves is a dowel rod and some basic steel chain. Both of these can be found at your local hardware store for a few dollars each.

Dowel rods can be found in beautiful walnut, birch, cherry and oak wood in different lengths and diameters so you can get the perfect look and the perfect fit for your closet. They cost from a few dollars upwards.

Dowel Rods

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Steel chain can be found in various designs and lengths. Look for medium duty options rather than light duty. Ideally measure the exact length you want the chain on each side to be (remembering to allow for a loop at the bottom) and get the hardware store to cut it for you. A lower rod would typically hang about 34″ below the top one but you can customize this to suit your exact requirements. Also pick up two chain quick links or connectors so you can create a loop at the bottom.

Steel Chain

Simply hang the chain from the top clothes rod using a couple of heavy duty shower curtain rings. They are easy to find and come in fun decorative styles that will help spice up your closet storage space.

Heavy Duty Shower Curtain RingsShower Curtain Hooks

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Once you have hung the chain from the upper rod all you have to do is make a loop (about the same size as your dowel rod) at the lower end of the chain at the height the lower rod will be suspended and secure it with a quick link connector. Then slip the dowel rod through each of the chain loops. To make it secure, fix a finial dowel cap to each end.

Finial Dowel Cap

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You now have a double hanging clothes rod.

But wait. There’s more!

You can use those extra shower curtain hooks (most come in packs of 12 and you’ll only have used 2) to hang your purses, scarves, belts and ties, or anything you want really, on the chain supporting the lower rod. Just slip the shower curtain hooks through a link in the chain every few inches.

And there you have it customized storage space for clothes and a whole lot more with double the style and personality!

But if this all seems like too much hassle for you …

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… or check out our other closet organization ideas.

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