The Staying Organized Survival GuideAt last, having spent two months working on my book, The Staying Organized Survival Guide is ready for publication. Phew!

It’s written especially for those who know HOW to get organized but can never seem to STAY organized … which was me until a few months ago when my system, which hinges on incorporating an organizing slot into your daily routine, began to take shape.

I actually used the system to GET organized as well as to STAY organized but I didn’t want to write another book that takes readers room by room and talks them through how to organize everything from cutlery to linen. There are plenty of great books out there that do that already.

Instead, I wanted to help those people, like myself, that compulsively consume organizing books and online information, so know a lot of what they SHOULD DO but never actually TAKE CONSISTENT ACTION over the long term.

Short term, yes. I’ve had my fair share of frenzied organizing weekends but the rot soon crept back in and it was very demotivating to start all over again a few months later.

Instead I built 15 minute bite sized chunks of organizing into my daily routine. I established the organizing habit, began to anticipate when my willpower was waning and learnt to overcome and deal with setbacks as they arose. I also studied highly organized people and identified their key strategies that I needed to replicate to be able to stay organized.

To make getting the organizing habit less overwhelming, my book asks you to try these ideas for only 30 days to see how you get on. You can do anything for 30 days right? What’s the worst that can happen. You’ve spent 15 minutes a day for 30 days and you’ve made PROGRESS on your organizing journey!


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