With Christmas fast approaching, the impending influx of more toys has me in a state of panic.

I have been very tardy about sorting my son’s room out since we moved what remained of his toy clutter from the old toy room (now a martial arts room) to his bedroom.

It all got piled in one corner, then overwhelm kicked in so I kept putting off the inevitable as the thought of starting such a task that seemingly had no end in sight was no fun at all.

Anyway with my new ‘one step at a time‘ philosophy, I have allowed myself to make a start on the room with no expectation of finishing it in the same sitting – phew. That’s a load off.

So I did. I decided to spend half an hour – I had a bit more time than usual – as it was a Sunday, so I took up a load of empty boxes from my stash along with a trash bag and set to work.




I actually dragged my son along to help although his idea of helping was to play with the toys at the bottom of the chaos that he hadn’t seen for a while. Anyway he was there to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to which toys he wanted to keep.

Stupidly I didn’t take a ‘before’ picture – doh. I think I was so impressed that I’d taken the initiative and actually started that I got carried away!

Anyway I set the timer and off I went. At one time, each type of toy was contained in its own storage bin or box but things had not been put back hence the mish mash of mess that remained.

I took one box at a time and allocated each toy to either the trash or a box with that type of toy – so Power Rangers in one, one off items in another, Gormiti in another, Bionicles in yet another – you get the idea.

Boxes Of Toys

It went quite well so at the end of the 30 minutes I had a bag of trash and lots of boxes of more organized toys.

Trash Bag Of Toys

Toys All Sorted In Boxes

And More Boxes

I’m still left with this lot which looks pretty bad but believe me, I did get through quite a few boxes of chaos.

This will have to wait for my next ‘one step at a time’ session, but it’s OK because at least I’ve started and that has been a long time coming. Have you?

Ready For Step 2

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